CNY 2011

CNY 2011 came like a wind and off is gone. Soon we will be looking forward to Xmas and CNY 2012.

This year we celebrated CNY with an additional family member, Ethan. He’s too oblivious to all the surrounding and it took him a few days to get used to all the hoo haa in MIL’s place and travelling. Now that we are back in Spore, his sechedule is back to normal again and I can see a more smiley Ethan running around the house in his walker.

MIL's grandchildren. From L to R : Kenneth, Kyrie, Cheryl, Hallie & Ethan


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Hallie Starts Pre-School


Photo taken in school compound


My little rascal is growing up FAST!! At the age of 2 year and 10 months, she starts attending Playgroup lesson daily from Mon-Fri, 8-12 pm. We send both the girls to school but Hallie would take the 12 pm school bus home whereas Kyrie would stay back in school until 5 pm for her afternoon enrichment classes.

I expected some wailing and protesting from her, but she really surprised all of us.  On the faithful Monday morning (17th Jan 2011), she woke up at her usual time 7-ish. I told her she’s going to school and she just kept quiet. She brushed her teeth and changed into her uniform without a single word. *Weird*

Upon reaching her class, she just walked in and put her schoolbag where she was allocated her slot and happily settled in with the rest. Just like that!!  Wa!! I was so proud of her.


Breakie consist of corn flake with fresh milk

So serious look when I told her I want take her photo


Today is Day 2. I left immediately after she has settled in her class. I went back around 1030 am and she was fine, following instructions and learning. Around 11:30 am, the teacher got them to put on their shoes and bag and she started crying. I was hiding in the “parent room” and I didn’t want her to see me. I knew it would make matter worse if she ever see me.

I peeped and saw her waiting for her school bus at the allocated spot in the gym. When the bus aunty came to take attendance, she started sobbing and asked for “mommy”. I told the teacher not to tell her I’m around, and I just wanted to make sure she knew which bus to board and she’s alright.

Popo called and said Hallie reached home around 12:25 pm and she has fallen asleep in the bus.


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Hair Conditioner Vs. Body Lotion

Based on the header, I’m not doing a comparison. I actually have been applying hair conditioner on my body instead of body lotion for the last 3 days. Yup, you read me correctly!!!

Here’s how the story goes.

Mr. Wong travels alot and each time he goes overseas, he would bring back small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body lotions from those 5 stars hotels. Recently, I was looking for small bottle of lotion in my bathroom drawer and I found one from Shangri-la Hotle. It was in a squeeze container like those hand carry lotion and I thought it was “body lotions”

So I happily applying it all OVER MY BODY every morning for three days. Then on Saturday, when my maid was cleaning my room, she saw the bottle of “conditioner” on my dressing table and she was wondering why I didn’t put it in my bathroom. On Sunday, she actually came and asked me if I want her to put it in the bathroom instead.

I as usual, still blur, could comprehend what she was asking me. So she went into my room and took the bottle of conditioner and ask me. “Maam, you sudah 3 hari sapu conditioner sama badan. Ini conditioner la…bukan lotion”

WHAT!! OMG!!!!

Now I know why for the past few days, my body was always oily and I got this itchy feeling all over me!!

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Kyrie’s first day in K1

My girl is officially in K1 now. Very soon she will be entering primary school. I guess by mid June, Mommy will know if I’m elected to do “parent volunteering” at our preferred primary school. By the time she starts P1, the school would have moved to their new premise with a single session. Everything would be brand new. *keeping fingers cross*


School uniform & her brand new Mary Jane pump shoes


Starting this year, I have decided to put her in full day school instead of going back at 12pm. Now that she’s older, she tends to skip her afternoon at home and spends all her time either fighting with her little sister or watches tv the whole day. At least now she can spend her afternoon attending enrichment classes in school instead of wasting time at home.

According to her Chinese class TA, Kyrie is doing fine and she was elected as “class monitor” yesterday. She told me she enjoyed full day school except the school bus ride home in the evening because there were a few naughty boys in her bus.

Our conversation last night.

Mommy: Did you take a nap?

K: Yes, but I didn’t close my eyes.

M: Oh!

K: You know, all the children has their own pillow, except me. Can you buy me a pillow?

M: But you weren’t sleeping. You merely lying down on the mattress.

K: Yeah, but everybody has one!!

*peer pressure*

M: Who bathe you?

K: Ai Choo Lao Shi.

M: Did she wash your pet-pet?

K: Yes…*giggle*

M: When you bathe, was all the other children naked?

K: What is naked?

M: No wear anything means naked.

K: Oh!! Yeah, I naked.

M: Hehe, did you peep at other naked children?

K: No. Ai Choo Lao Shi said cannot look else where. Eyes look in front and face lao shi only.

M: Hahahaha. Ok.

*Kids are so innocent”

Since 1st of Jan, Kyrie has weaned off her bottle. Now she only drinks from cup. Once her formula is finished, I will switch her fresh milk.

She started taking music lessons and swimming since a few months back. Her interests are still there and we will continue with those lessons.  I’m debating if I should start her with some “chinese enrichment” class. The school that I aiming to enroll her has a strong chinese background and if she does go there, I need to make sure her chinese foundation is there. Both of us can read nor write chinese and we can coach her. In fact, now she knows more chinese characters than me. From those “reading books” that she brought home, 99% of the words I can’t recognised. So far is always Popo there who teaches her and make sure she’s reading the correct words.

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Hallie Oh Hallie

In 2 weeks time, she will be going to school together with her Jie Jie. She will be in the morning Playgroup whereas Kyrie is in K1.

She’s still in the denial stage. Keep telling me she doesnt need to go school. She only needs weekly “gym classes”. “I don’t need to go school. I’m still a baby” o-o


Passport size photo taken for school registration


Ever since she recovered from her coughing fits, she has lost some weight, but not her “attitude”. She’s still the chilli padi and would fight with Kyrie day and night. Very soon, I will need to send her to some “Anger Management” class too.

For the Year 2010, her biggest achievement was she managed to wean off her pacifier. She was once a heavy addict. Day and night she sucks her pacifier like no other business, but when we are out, she never asked for it. Weird huh? How did she wean if off? She surprised all of us. Her ordeal was so smooth that up to today I still can’t believe it. In fact, I still keep her pacifier till last week. I finally threw it away on Sunday.

Remember, she was very sick in the month of Nov. Photos of her using the nebulizer machine, her hospitalization ordeal were all posted in my FB account. During those period, she can’t breathe whenever she sucked on the pacifier till she got so upset that she asked me to throw away her “chut-chut”.

I thought she was joking, so I happily hide it. Every since that day, she never asked me where her chut-chut was. When I asked her, she answered casually, “Oh, I threw it away.” I offered to buy her a new one, but she rejected me!! Cool huh? Compared her weaning to Kyrie’s, hers was like a piece of cake.

Second achievement was she attended two terms of “My Gym” classes weekly. That’s a total of 20 lessons. From a timid little girl, she has grown more confidence and volunteered herself a couple of times during lesson to be the “model of the day”

Hopefully in 2 weeks time, Mommy shall see a confident girl walking to her class without shearing a single tear. Baby! you’re growing up real fast.

Here’s the 2 photos taken this morning. She insisted that I take a photo of her before I go work.


Her fake cheesy smile



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Passport Application for Ethan

CNY coming soon, in less than a month and Mommy has just realised that she has forgot to apply a passport for Ethan.

Luckily, applying passport in Singapore is easy. Everything through internet and payment via credit card. After 3 days, ICA will notify us passport is ready and again go to the website to make an appointment which preferred day and time we wish to make the collection. On the day of collection, Ethan has to be there. Everything done within 10 minutes.

Guess which photos we chose?

Photo A

Photo B

P/S: Look carefully at Photo B and can you see what I just saw?


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Things that the girls say..

Scene 1

This morning on the way to school:

Kyrie: Mommy, why is the man running?

Mommy: I don’t know. Maybe he’s running after the bus.

Kyrie: No. He’s in a hurry.

*I’m impressed. I didn’t know she knows how to use the word “in a hurry”.

Mommy: So, are you in a hurry?

Kyrie: No, I am not in a hurry, I am in the car.  I go to school by car!!


Scene 2

Conversation between the two girls.

Kyrie: Mei-Mei, you see this. Mommy bought me the “gym” tee shirt. Same like yours, but mine is XL.

Hallie: Wah!! So big ah!!

*macam lah she knows how big XL is.*

Kyrie: Yeah, cause I’m a big girl now.

Hallie: You know, my pamper also very big. XXL leh!!!

LOL. Indirectly, telling other people she has a big backside. Need to wear XXL pampers!!

Scene 3

Hallie: Kakak, I want to drink water.

*kakak passed her a cup of warm water because she’s still coughing*

Hallie: Wah, this water is many many hot!!


Scene 4

Kyrie: What is your name?

Hallie : Hallie!!!

Kyrie: Good! How many old?

Hallie: Huh? Oh…TWO!!

I guess they both play with each other together till both can understand each other broken english.

Scene 5

Occasionally, my maid speaks Bahasa with the girls. She tries to teach them a few words.

Hallie: Kakak, I finished ngk-ngk already.

Popo overheard and went to the toilet to help her.

Popo: Hou meh?

Hallie: SUDAH!

Popo: Huh? Kong met yeah?

Hallie: Sudah!! Sudah finished ngk-ngk.

Popo: Oh. Gosok gigi leh?

Hallie: BELOM!!!


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